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Some writers hope
to be remembered.

I hope to be forgotten.

Forgotten by editors
because I deliver assignments
clean and on time.

Forgotten by sources
because I listen
and quote them accurately.

Forgotten by readers
because I let my subjects
speak for themselves.

Remember the story.

Forget about me
...until next time
there's a story
to write.



"Leslie was a joy to work with. She was a hard-working, excellent journalist, as well as a wonderful colleague."

Melinda Liu, Newsweek Beijing bureau chief

"Leslie Pappas is one of the best freelancers we have ever had at Knowledge@Wharton. It’s not just that her writing and reporting are first rate; it's that she has a natural curiosity about the world that leads her to dig deeply into story assignments, ranging from developments in microfinance to shifts in consumer shopping habits to faculty research on decision making. We always knew if we gave Leslie an article — no matter how tough — that it would be on time, on point and a delight to read."

Robbie Shell, managing director, Knowledge@Wharton network

"It is easy to recommend Leslie Pappas...because there are few colleagues I’ve known who are as adaptable, thorough, and bright. I was Leslie’s editor at the Philadelphia Inquirer from August 2003 to November 2005, a period in which she always pursued her assignments with careful planning and professionalism...Leslie brought a diverse background and a penchant for detailed research and reporting. Her experience living in other cultures also gave her uncommon sensitivity to opposing points of view."

Alan Jaffe, former Inquirer editor

"I can say without reservation that Leslie is a skilled and reliable reporter who can be called upon with confidence to cover any assignment. As an editor who worked directly with Leslie at The News Journal, I can attest to her strict adherence to accuracy, thoroughness and detail. Leslie’s writing is clear and concise, and she has consistently demonstrated the ability to find the most appropriate sources to tell the story."

Stephen Daily, former News Journal business editor



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